Who Can Qualify

Who can qualify for this Affordable Home Ownership plan?

Whether you have income, credit, or location challenges, we offer options to earn and build credit toward home ownership. Based on combined household income, anyone with good, fair or poor credit can qualify. We have programs that fit large, medium or small initial down payments.

What are Owner Financed Homes?

An unfortunate reality of today’s economy is that many people can’t qualify for traditional bank loans. This prevents many good honest and hardworking individuals from achieving their dream of home ownership. Owner financed homes are home loans that are provided by the owner rather than a bank. This helps you to build the credit and equity you need to eventually qualify for a bank loan and own your home outright.

What if I do not Have Enough Down Payment to Qualify?

You will join our VIP program. This is our ‘House on Layaway’ plan where you deposit with us the initial funds you have to work with now and contribute more each pay period until you accumulate enough to move in.

What do I do next?

Contact the Certified Affordable Housing Provider® who referred you to this site or click here and fill out the preliminary application form. The completed form will then be forwarded to a local affordable housing counselor in your area who will email and/or call you for a FREE, no obligation consultation to determine your needs. Let them find you a home that’s just right for you and your budget. It’s time to get a place to call home.