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What do Certified Affordable Housing Providers® do?

They simply find and offer housing that matches what a person or family can afford whether it is a house for rent or a lease purchase we have options for you.

How is that different than what Landlords do?

Landlords give tenants housing but provide no future path for that tenant to eventually own a home. Believing that home ownership advances the person, the family, and society in a positive way, Certified Affordable Housing Providers® offer a plan to allow their clients to advance and grow into home ownership.

Certified Affordable Housing Providers® serve your local community in many ways…

  • Benefit the economy by hiring people and buying supplies locally then restoring properties and returning them to the local property and school tax rolls.
  • Support the environment by using the GREEN housing concept of recycling existing structures rather that tearing down and building new.
  • Serve families and individuals by offering housing to deserving families to buy now or sometime in the future.
  • Save resources as much of this is accomplished without government funding.

These powerful and life-changing benefits for families, the community and government are provided by hard working entrepreneurs and non-profits groups. Please support their efforts by using their services and contact a Certified Affordable Housing Provider® today!

We have locally owned and operated Certified Affordable Housing Providers in all 50 states, to find yours simply fill out the form below.

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