Steps to Home Ownership

Whether you are looking for homeownership either now or in the future please view the video below entitled ‘Path To Home Ownership’® for more details on how you can improve your life today!

Whether you are a first time home buyer, interested in owner financing, have bad credit, perfect credit, or maybe no credit at all, we have programs to help you achieve your ultimate dream of homeownership.

Our programs are designed to start you based on what you can afford today and support you as you grow to eventual homeownership if YOU choose.

As a rental client, you enter our Bronze Level. As a Rent to Own client, you become a Silver Level member. As an in-house financing client, you become a Gold Level member, and as someone who can qualify for new bank financing you earn Platinum Member status.

Our CAHPs are equipped to help you grow at your own pace.

Start Your Path to Home Ownership®

Click here to fill out a preliminary application and start your Path to Home Ownership® and one of our Certified Affordable Housing Providers® will get in touch with you regarding options in your area. Or you can learn more about qualifying by following this link.