Inspection Release

Inspection Release, Disclaimer, Disclosure and Agreement not to Occupy.

Dear Property Manager, I herewith state that I am of sound mind and body, and I am willingly and knowingly offering and agreeing to show myself the property we have been discussing. I realize that I am doing this without someone from the company being present and that I am capable of self-showing including opening the lock-box, unlocking the door, and showing myself the property, locking up anything I open, and placing the key back into the provided lock box or location given.

Some properties are under construction or in need of work to be done. I agree to be careful and agree to be fully responsible for injury or death anywhere on this property should anything happen during any part of my inspection.

I understand and agree that until I am approved >> I may not occupy this property << and >> that no landlord-tenant agreement of any kind exists.

>> I agree to be responsible for anyone else that is with me >> and that they have read and are also in agreement with this. <<

Otherwise have them send via text or email their license / ID front and back and they will need to agree to this as well.

Reply “Yes” if you agree to all of the above, OR “No” if you do not.

We will then give you the lock-box code so you can move forward with your personal inspection. Please do call when complete so we can know you have replaced the key and that you are complete, and we can restore the security measures we have in place.

Thank You for your interest and we appreciate your cooperation with this policy and hope to be of further service to you.